As you have already guessed the activities of our team are closely related to monument pictures production. However, MemorialPic does not produce final products, beautiful memorials made by our respectful partners, we are just an important link in the process of memorial pictures production.


We are a dedicated team of graphic artists that prepare pictures for monument industry all around the world. As a former hand etchers, we have a clear idea about the quality of memorial pictures that monument companies really need in order to obtain a perfect headstone.

We have been in business for over 17 years, when we recognized the real need for professional monument pictures preparation. Since then we have concentrated our knowledge and many years of experience solely on processing imperfect pictures and their preparation for a perfect memorial photo.


Basically, we will apply a variety of photo editing techniques and a huge experience for every single image you send us to make it as appropriate as possible for a memorial photo. Of course, if you send us the instructions, we’ll comply with them, but even without clear instructions we process each photo very responsibly, investing effort and time to get the most satisfying result.

Services that we offer include:

  • Adjusting the brightness of the picture
  • Noise reduction in the image.
  • Color corrections – improving faded colors and color balance
  • Retouching – removing blemish, acne raised edges, scratches
  • Restoration – fixing damaged parts of photos
  • Minor corrections – correcting shoulders, collar and repairing etc.
  • Basic photomontage – removing background, changing clothes…

All of this is included in the basic offer (starting at $10) for every single photograph you send us. Advanced services are charged depending on the time necessary to obtain a satisfying result.

Over time we specialized in portrait editing where we achieve the highest results in preparing photos for ceramic pictures. Our work is also affirmed when it comes to preparing pictures for etching on headstones.

Pictures for etching are prepared using several different techniques.

  • Regular preparation
  • Stipple portraiture
  • Engraving technique
  • Halftone pictures

After all, we create beautiful memorial videos for our clients to use for various purposes. (obituary page, memorial page, YouTube channel, facebook page etc)

For any additional information please contact us via the contact form or via social networks.
We will respond as soon as possible.