You can be sure that your photo will not be released publicly on our site or social network if for any reason you don’t want it to be published.


Photo editing by itself brings many changes in a photo, and additionally the occasion for the photo preparation is quite a sensitive one with a lot of emotions attached to it and family having to deal with the whole process of ordering a memorial so it’s understanding for them to be very demanding.

Also, family/ clients are very often unsatisfied with “too much” photo editing. They simply sometimes want to have the very original photo for the memorial of their loved ones. If there’s still possibility for portrait improving, it is necessary to find the perfect balance between memorial needs and family wishes.

We understand all this and we believe that for the money that you spend you should get the best and the most complete deal. Still, our job is simply so distinctive that each of our works can end up with dozens of different final layouts, regarding color / contrast intensity, lighting, level of details, typography etc. We are very experienced and always perform at the highest level. However, if after the job is completed you want us to do some corrections, we will certainly do revisions to see what can be done. Client satisfaction is our primary goal.

Memorial Pic will do the portrait editing at the highest possible level and keep the original appearance and a very natural look of the person at the same time.


MemorialPic works with over a thousand images a year sent to us by our clients. It is practically impossible to ask for a certificate of copyright for each and every of them. The Terms of Use clearly state that clients are responsible for copyrights for every picture they send us. However, if your photo appears on our site, please contact us and we’ll look into the issue.