Demanding times
July 12, 2020
Demanding times
July 12, 2020

As we near the end of the year..

Dear friends,

We have brought to an end another calendar year, as well as another business season, the most successful for us so far. We have achieved all our business goals that we formed at the beginning of the year. It is noticeable that the business for most of our clients has also increased. Unfortunately, one of the reasons for this are the horrific consequences of the pandemic that has hit the United States and the UK, as well as the whole world after all.

This year was full of temptations. It brought us new reality and we all needed to adjust to the new rules in a short period of time. Unfortunately, some failed, not through their own fault. The market is simply brutal and lockdown has closed some businesses. Everyone who managed to push through learned something new and came out stronger. We hope that in the new year, humanity will win a complete victory over the pandemic and come back to somewhat more normal way of life.

Our business plan for the year 2021 is pretty much the same as the previous ones. We have added another member to our team, although Alen will still do almost all the work. However, we have big plans for the future and we think that the decision to dedicate part of our time to learning and improving the skills of our new member who is training in graphic art is the right one. It’s a process, so more on that next year.

We would like to thank all our clients, business associates and friends for the trust you have placed in us. We believe that we have fulfilled your expectations and we hope that in the new year we will only affirm the successful cooperation.

Our holidays will be slightly prolonged as we celebrate Christmas on January, 7th, so we will be out of office from December, 28th – January, 10th.

We wish you all a happy and successful New year and happy upcoming holidays. Stay safe and have a wonderful time with your family.

Yours sincerely,

Aurora and Alen

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