Feedback for services
Can we get some feedback from you?
November 15, 2018
Demanding times
July 12, 2020
Feedback for services
Can we get some feedback from you?
November 15, 2018
Demanding times
July 12, 2020

Now available – Web Shop

Web shop - Laser etching items

After many working days over a period of several months, our shop is finally ready.

First of all, we did not intend to prepare such a shop at all, but the need for it occurred as a result of certain circumstances. We figured that we do not need a web shop at all. Why? Well, 90% of our work is preparing portraits for laser etching / ceramic pictures and recently we’ve got involved in glass art etching. Portraits, usually from not very good photos, are quite demanding for processing and each of them is a challenge and in order to get the most sophisticated portrait for headstones, each of them takes us up to several hours of work. This is what we love to do and want to do it, as well as the fact that we’re really good at it. When it comes to various other applications such as birds, flowers, religious motifs, etc. with almost every such order, we are regularly asked if we already have something similar. That’s why we decided, with the encouragement of some of our clients, to start a shop that will contain such things. Clients will not wait for processing and we will be able to devote most of their attention for far more demanding portraits. Practically a win win situation.

How to make an online shop with digital files?

We’ve created our website by ourselves, so we’ve decided to try to make a web shop on our own, too. We’ve used an open source software, which we’ve implemented on the existing WP platform, all free of charge. But what was not free, or rather, what was not worth it, it’s a matter of time spent on detecting, identifying and removing various problems, on a website and on the server that came one after another. Some were serious (functionality and security) and others were harmless (design and user experience) and they all nearly drove us to madness. After all, we managed to create a safe, nice and functional online shop with laser / impact etching items, and we also learned something.

The beginning

At the moment, we only have a couple of files ready for purchase in the shop. We’ve tried to make each one of them flawless, so we needed a certain amount of time to spend on their preparation and we would surely not be putting them up into the shop like on the treadmill. Nevertheless, this is not our priority. What is important is that the shop has been tested, it has a secure encryption, so your data is practically impossible to steal and, theoretically, there should not be any problems. If problems occur, please contact us immediately so that we can solve all the problems.


The items we will put up into the shop are the ones related to the headstone picture industry. With every purchase you will be able to choose an option where you can suggest what would like to be available in the shop. In this way we will offer only useful and of course quality items. Feel free to give us a direct message or leave a comment to suggest which items are considered useful and they will soon be available in the shop. At the moment, we only have laser etching items, but who knows, maybe we’ll expand the offer in time. More about it soon. Also, from time to time we will publish completely free items! Some of them may be slightly lower quality than the others, but they will certainly be quite usable. We will try to insert new items at least once a week, but it will depend on the free time we have.


All of the items that will be available in the shop will be prepared only using one or mostly a combination of the following photos:

  • Our own pictures
  • Pictures our clients sent us with permission for use/ reuse
  • Pictures from the net we asked and got permission to use
  • Pictures with a Creative Commons license
  • Pictures offered in the public domain
  • Pictures labeled as free to reuse with modification
  • Pictures bought from third parties
  • Pictures from websites which provide copyright-free images
  • Pictures with clear permission for use, reuse

We take copyright very seriously and we will try to keep every item 100% clean and clear. As we said, this shop was not necessary to us and the last thing we really need are legal problems. However, if you notice that an item violates someone’s rights, please inform us immediately so that we can adjudicate on this matter. We guarantee that we will not use the image that is not even mentioned above, but we cannot guarantee that we have not received or purchased a copy image, or even that Google has mistakenly created the image as free to use for commercial purposes (which happened once a few years ago!).

Price range

We will always try to have reasonable prices for which you get what you really need or want. We have a good reputation about the price/quality balance of our services, and our intention is to continue this with our web shop. Also, we will have holidays discounts on quantity, but now we really do not have time to think about it and do something additional about it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us on a well-known email.

Aurora and Alen

Memorial Pic

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  1. Melodie Hollingsworth says:

    I’m looking to get a picture of my son put on his headstone. I saw on a Facebook post where you guys did one for a lady and it was beautiful. She was very pleased and gave me this website. I was wondering what your prices are for just a basic photo of his face, I guess on ceramic?

    • Alen says:

      Dear Melodie,

      Due to technical issues on the server side, we haven’t receive a notification about your message. If you haven’t already processed the picture, please send it to us, it will be done free of charge. Once again, sorry for late response and thank you for your kind words.

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