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Can we get some feedback from you?

Feedback for services

Dear friends, as we mentioned before, our small team is trying very hard to obtain the best possible results in a short period of time and all of it at a reasonable price. For the past several years, we have developed a successful cooperation with a certain number of companies which still lasts, at a mutual content, we hope. We work to constantly upgrade our services, so we have decided to ask you for a feedback in which areas of our work should we improve our services. Your opinion will help us to make some serious decisions our team faces right now.

Also, this survey is opened continuously for our business partners as well as for everybody from the industry whose opinion and advice will mean a lot to us.

Thank you for your time.

    This question refers to companies we have cooperated with for some time. If you want to complete this questionnaire, and we have not cooperated before, feel free to skip this or any question.

    How would you describe our all over service based on our cooperation up to now?

    AverageVery goodExcellent

    There are many variations of lasers and impact etching machines on the market and all of them have different characteristics. It happened before that for an identical picture preparation one company requests the picture to be “softer” with less sharp edges, while the other company may consider our preparations over retouched and unnatural. Same refers to lighting/ contrast. This will help us to adjust our picture preparation specifically to your needs. Feel free to choose more than one option.

    Do you prefer our edited photos to be softer or sharper, with stronger face features, as well as lighter/ darker?

    Softer/milderSharperAs they wereLighterDarker

    The final result of picture preparation in color for ceramic plaques and glass art production can also differ from one to another.

    Do you prefer colors in your edited pictures for ceramic/ glass art to be more or less vibrant?

    More vibrantAs they wereLess vibrant

    Right now, we are managing to meet the deadlines that we have set for our clients for ourselves. However, more and more often, a need for another graphic artist has occurred. We haven’t been able to find a quality, reliable and a responsible person who would work for a reasonable amount of money we work for. The next two questions will help us to decide whether to take a chance with someone like this or to organize ourselves better and try harder.

    In your opinion, what is the reasonable price for portrait preparation for etching services?


    As we previously mentioned, this part is the most important one. We have come to the point where we need perfect organization and although we determine the shortest possible delivery time with every order, it would be helpful to know when you expect your orders to be delivered. Of course, urgent orders will be finished first, right on time.

    What delivery time is preferable?

    Two days max3-5 days would be fineUp to 7 days

    Have you got an advice or an opinion you might think it would be helpful to improve our services?

    5/5 - (8 votes)

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